2016: The year of "more" for Freckles Creative Studio.

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Ohhhh blogging. I have always said, “I’m not good with words”.


This phrase explains so much about me and the paths that I have chosen. (PS who the heck am I?! Hi, Natalie Ann Spencer, owner of Freckles Creative Studio. Get to know me here.) 

I am such a visual person that I’ve created a life where I can be visual all day every day – no words… well minimal words. Emails mostly to other people who are also visual-centric.

Now, here’s this bright and shiny new blog… the Freckles blog, that I’m going to fill up with those little things I’m not good with. Why you ask? Because 2016 in the Freckles studio is the year of “more” and I’m not letting myself forget it for one minute!

Every day has been about achieving more in my life and the life of this little brand… more goals, more color, more collaboration, more snail mail, more cooking, more saving, more friends, more love and more happiness. Achieving more means doing more - strategically doing more.

In an attempt to work smarter, not harder… here I am with this new blog ready to accomplish MORE!

A BIG “more” of this year for me is to give more in as many ways as I can and this blog is just the ticket. I’ll be giving away this little creative brain and all that it has packed inside! 

Decor and organization ideas for your home and office, gift ideas, DIY projects, recipes (specifically the cocktail kind), freebies, fun places to visit (especially in OKC) and interesting things to try. Yes, I may not be good with words but I AM good with creativity and sharing!

So let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the words will come… and if they don’t, photos sure are pretty.

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