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This past weekend, I went home to Dallas to visit my family and meet up with some friends for a little celebration. While telling my mom about some of the EXCITING business related projects coming up (seriously can't wait to spill the beans), she mentioned telling a co-worker about me...

... and my "card-making business". 

OHHH mom! She tries so hard and I know she's just so proud and over there in home furnishings la-la land.

And while that is exactly how Freckles started, upstairs in HER home as a "card making business", it occurred to me how far this business has come in a relatively short time. (I say "relatively" because it feels like forever to me but 2.5 years in the scope of business is nothing)

Often when I get asked "what do you do?", I say, "I own a stationery business" and then go on chatting about only FUN things that entails (like most people would) like designing greeting cards.

Today, after looking over a marked up checklist, I really realized what it takes to "own a stationery business" and wanted to share a little behind the scenes with y'all. 

Hopefully this serves as a "you are not alone in managing the crazy" to a fellow business owner, as a "look what I'm really doing mom" and a preview of what my future assistant would be getting themselves into working with me.

SO... A day in the small business life, but more specifically - a day in the Freckles studio.


9AM- here we go, I've gotten completely ready for the day, even though I work from home (dress for success!), made a cup of coffee and walk into a clean, bright and colorful little studio.

9AM - email and housekeeping - today this included:

- posting on Instagram/answering comments

- checking in on my community director tasks with Creative Chics

- which forced me to set my November goals a little early, (thanks Melissa!)

- putting together the space plan for the Paper Society pop up and sending that along to the girls

- reviewing the contract for an upcoming collab with Hooray Mail and getting ideas flowing for my designs

- check/answer/mostly delete emails (It's basically my life's mission to keep that little red number as LOW as possible)

- schedule out design time for the rest of the week (clients, products, whatever I've gotten myself into)

10:30AM- knock out a little bit of my "wholesale development" work book including my design calendar and customer infrastructure. 

11:30AM - scrounge up whatever is in the fridge to eat for lunch, while scrolling Instagram pics and stories (sidebar: there are TOO many stories to get through in one lunch period)

12PM - run to office depot and USPS for packing material - boxes, tape, tissue paper, clearance washi tape and colorful folders, you know... just the essentials :)

1PM - begin packing open orders - both retail and wholesale.

- tape the box

- add the tissue

- perfectly Tetris in the product

- print a crisp receipt

- fold the tissue, stick the sticker, add the crinkle paper, cute order insert, personalize, tape the box

- stack, stack, stack

- studio is a wreck within 1 hour

2PM- sales call with secret person who I can't spill the beans about yet

2:30PM- continue packing orders

4PM- "where did the day go? dang look at that messy check list" ... "I'm kind of hungry"

- walks to kitchen

- no snacks

- pours a glass of wine

- sits down to write 2 blog posts

4:30PM - finishes blogging, hoping that it helps someone in some way... even if just for laughs.

5PM to whenever Kevin gets home

-2017 catalog design - a project in which the deadline moved up by 2 weeks today, by before mentioned secret person, whom I love but now also don't love :D

5:05PM - emails catalog printing company to get an updated lead time during holiday season

5:07PM - immediate response that the lead time is extended by 1 week

- catalog lead time moved up 3 weeks. yay.

 FUN things... right?!


In all honestly, they really are all fun things to me and often, I don't mind longer days. Each small task is growth and while today looked like a lot of tasks that don't make any money - they are all key steps in achieving big and small dreams!

Hopefully that helps answer the "what do you do?" question... and helps my mom to explain my "card making business"! Love you mom!


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