DIY Project: Colorful Painted Picnic Table

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Oh sweet sweet summer. Does anyone else get so excited when the weather and sun are just perfect outside?!

Being a redhead, I burn easy (which turns into freckles, pluses and minuses)... which means sitting out in the sun for too long isn't an option. However, when the house shades our yard just right for a bit in the evening... game on. Throw together an easy cocktail, maybe a little snack and get outside.

At the end of last summer, Kevin and were craving some outdoor seating. A place to gather with family and friends to sit, chat and eat.

We don't have a patio so we needed something that could sit IN the yard and is cozy and colorful... enter: the picnic table.

diy outdoor picnic table

We scooped up this unfinished picnic table kit for $98.00 at Lowe's and the wheels were spinning!

After a quick assembly, we agreed on (Kevin gave in to) a small lemon detail and yellow benches with the majority of the table being blue-gray. We used a exterior paints from Lowe's for all of the colors - gray, yellow and white. I used a Freckles pattern to create a stencil for the lemon and just like that (after 2 days of painting and waiting for paint to dry), we had outdoor seating!

diy painted picnic table

Kevin took it a step further and added a cutout beverage tub under the middle plank in one side... which we currently have some pretty pink flowers planted in.

grapefruit paloma recipe outdoor picnic table DIY

This table turned out to be the perfect size! We can comfortably seat 3 on each side and can pull up chairs on both ends if needed. It's a fun pop of color in the backyard and a perfect perch next to our garden.

What do you think? Will you be adding your own picnic table to your backyard this year?

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