Happy Birthday Freckles!! PART THREE

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3...2...1... Happy new year!! I rang in 2017 with WIDE eyes and big goals. I was wrapping up prep for Freckles first ever gift market, on-boarding 27 new sales team members and growing Mica into her job responsibilities.

Christmas and the new year came and went very quickly and as much as I planned to rest and take a break... there was a LOT to accomplish. 

In this time, I went completely insane and purchased another business, Hooray Mail, (subscription snail mail for kids!) and absorbed it into Freckles. The timing was awful but the opportunity was to great to turn down and it was a decision I really made with my heart. 

It's only been TWO months since this year started and we've already managed to break through some big goals!

Freckles debuted at Dallas Market with my dream showroom, The Portico Collection, I was offered the opportunity to do some visual merchandising in the showroom for other brands before market started and we've more than DOUBLED our retailer family.

I'm now in the process of branching off into a THIRD brand, Freckles School, to expand on the passion to teach other product based business owners. (too much ambition syndrome is real y'all)

PS if you're a product based business owner... click here.

The first two months of this year, leading up to Freckles 3rd birthday have felt the most "business-y" yet. The days have been long and the tasks, expenses and to-do's pile up 2 to 1 every time something is accomplished.

And honestly... It's AMAZING (circling back to that enjoying working all the time thing). It hard yes, but it feels so so good. It's incredible to produce a thing that people love, to be admired and to work hard to build something out of thin air.

Merriment Tulsa

Rosegold Oklahoma City

It's amazing to see Freckles on shelves with retail stores all over the country and to hear the comments from customers when their sister, mom or aunt LOVE the card or notepad they gifted.

So basically, this super long birthday story is all to say... It's true what they say.

The first 3 years in business will be hard and if you make it that far, they will be worth it.

Each and every day I am more excited to be a small business owner and for the growth of Freckles.

I could NEVER have made it this far without your purchases, love and encouraging words. THANK YOU, each and every one of you, for following along with Freckles and supporting this small business (and for reading this SUPER long blog series if you made it this far, that's loyalty y'all).

I'm excited to accomplish more BIG things in our 4th year... and excited to have you along for the ride!


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  • Loved reading the Freckles story!!! It is so inspiring!! I am excited for Freckles School!! You go girl!! Happy 3rd Birthday Freckles Creative Studio!!

    Haley on

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