Lazy Girl Cocktail Recipes: Grapefruit Palomas

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There's just something heart warming about a cool breeze on a warm summer evening. Hanging out with friends and family, playing with the dogs, snacking on chips and queso and sipping cocktails on the patio. Our DIY picnic table is getting some good use this year!

grapefruit palomas cocktail recipe

PS how cute is our blind foster dog Peaches?! My heart.

We love easy cocktails in our house and are usually tossing ingredients together for drinks right before sitting down for dinner. Our drink of choice lately... Grapefruit Palomas. 

They are the PERFECT summer drink! Grapefruit Palomas are crisp and refreshing and best of all easy. 3 ingredients - soda, tequila, lime, done. 

Getting real lazy with it though... what if you didn't have to add to the already full kitchen sink with your cocktail glasses? We tried making our palomas straight in the bottle and let me tell ya, game changer! Delicious, easy AND no mess... sign me up.

grapefruit paloma cocktail recipe

Here's how you can do it at home too:

- Kevin likes Grapefruit Jarritos which he picks up in embarrassing quantities for us at a local Hispanic grocery near his office. Lazy girls like me... pick up any bottled grapefruit soda from Target or your grocery store. 

grapefruit paloma cocktail recipe

- pop off the bottle cap (if you don't have a gold flamingo bottle opener, what are you even doing with your life?) and drink it down to where the mouth starts to widen, about 4 to 5 big sips.

- pour in 1.5 (or 2.5 if it's Saturday) shots of your favorite tequila

- squeeze in a lime wedge, throw a Freckles coaster down and enjoy!!

What are some of your favorite summer cocktails? We're making a list of other ideas for bottled cocktails. Leave your favorites in the comments below.

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