Quick and Easy Drinks Featuring DRY Sparkling

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Y'all know my love of cocktails! It is too much fun to try new drinks at a restaurant or pretend I'm a master mixologist at home with Kevin. Which, let's be honest... is really just Kevin making the drinks based on my "stipulations" with me adding in my two cents and a garnish on the rim. 


Natalie: "Let's make a strawberry drink before dinner"

Kevin: "...okay..."

Natalie: "these strawberries are going to go bad, what would be good with them?"


He pretends like his not into it even though I can see his wheels immediately start spinning. (you're a former bar manager man, I know you're into it.)

Then 20 minutes later, he's made a sweet strawberry puree with sprite and silver tequila over ice... strawberry on the rim.

It was delicious... We make a good team!


So when the Little Black Desk Society hostess team was presented with the opportunity to collaborate with Dry Sparkling, my eyes LIT UP!!


Dry Sparkling is a sparkling beverage worthy of gourmet food pairing and premium mixology. Let me tell you... premium is right. I hadn't tried these beverages before and now I am HOOKED. They actually make a good substitute while trying to cut out soda. #givemecarbonation

Each Little Black Desk Society hostess was given thoughts from our fearless CC leader on how we could incorporate this collaboration into our brands... "Natalie: because you're the queen of happy hour".

YEAH! I will take that! Thanks Melissa :)

Kevin and I took a few bottles of Dry with us on vacation last week and we had a fun little mixing session with his family at the cabin. Everyone got to taste test and give their input, which was a fun activity.

And while I do love a good cocktail... I loved that each of these tasted just as delicious without alcohol. Gasp, I know.! I've included the "spike it" options in the recipes below. 

PS. "Queen of happy hour" actually proved to be true when it was also suggested to name our creations and I coincidentally had a greeting card that fit each drink we made. See if you recognize the cards based on the drink names!

"You're my Main Squeeze"  featuring Lavender DRY Sparkling
-Fill half a rocks glass with Lavender DRY
-Stir in freshly squeezed juice from 1 whole lemon
-Add ice and garnish with a lemon slice on the rim
*SPIKE IT with 1.5 shots of gin*
 "You're a Real Fine-apple" featuring Vanilla Bean DRY Sparkling
-Fill 1/3rd of a rocks glass with Vanilla Bean DRY
-Stir in half a can of Orange Pineapple Juice
-Add ice and garnish with an orange slice on the rim
*SPIKE IT with 1.5 shots of coconut rum*


 "You're the Coolest" featuring Cucumber DRY Sparkling
-Fill a popsicle mold with pink lemonade and cucumber wedges and freeze
-Fill half a low-ball glass with Cucumber DRY
-Add popsicle and garnish with a cucumber slice
*SPIKE IT with 1.5 shots of vodka*

Try out these recipes and let me know what you think on Instagram. Post your cocktails and tag @freckles.creative.studio, @DRY_sparkling and @littleblackdesksociety. The most important part of these recipes... HAVE FUN!!


(Local OKC friends, you can find cans and bottles of Dry Sparkling at Whole Foods or Uptown Grocery.)

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