Top 5 Desk Accessories to achieve #deskgoals Style!

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Oh my goodness, I'm excited already after only typing the title!

Y'ALL... if you've been around for a minute (Hooray! Hi friend!) you know the desk accessory obsession is real here in the Freckles Studio. If you're new... the desk accessory obsession is so so REAL! It's a problem in the best possible way (I think?). I mean... we added a desk accessory line to our brand. That's about as obsessed as it gets right?

I know you're obsessed too though, which is good! Because you are not alone.

You are not alone when standing in the Target Dollar Spot gasping and pointing at all the things you don't need, yet inevitably buy, because freaking Target just gets you. You are not alone when your boss says "we need more pens, sticky notes, notepads, whatever" and your hand SHOOTS up in the air to be the one to run over to Office Depot.

I see you smiling, because you know it's all true. I KNOW it's all true. There is something so wonderful about fresh office supplies and desk accessories!!

You collect all these pretty things that you just LOVED at the store, but they inevitably end up in a drawer, purse, crack in the couch... to be used a few times and then lost in your mind forever.

WHAT IF... we organized those dang supplies so you got more use out of them? What if they became a pretty place on your desk that you looked forward to seeing every day? GASP... looked forward to working!? YEAH GIRL! We are firm believers in the motivation of a pretty place to work. Surround yourself with those little things you love and we bet you'll be ready to get #allthethings done in no time!


1. Start with a framed print. Framed prints take up so little space! Something pretty, maybe motivational? We LOVE this print from our friends Bold and Pop reminding us to Get S*** Done! Plus, it's FREE! Download here, print, frame. done.

2. Pencils  - Pick out your favorites from that drawer. You know you have your go-tos! The few that you grab every time you need something to write with. Our favorites are these colorful mechanical pencils from Office Depot.

3. You need something to jot down those big thoughts on with those pencils you love so much. Add different sizes of fun, colorful notepads... we may be a bit biased, but this floral notepad and "smile today!" sticky note set are our favorites!

4. Corral those pencils, pens, washi tapes and paper clips with small cups or bowls. We love the sleek look of these drinking glasses from Pier 1 used as pencil cups. The juice glass is the perfect little size! Plus, mini vase for a few fresh flowers.

5. Keep everything organized and looking good in ONE place by using a tray. This easiest way for everything to have a home to return to at the end of the day! Our favorite trays are these colorful lacquered options from West Elm.

What are your favorite desk accessories to achieve #deskgoals style?!

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